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Dr. Susan Wood: FDA Hero Speaking Tour
A "Hero" for Women's Health


Dr. Susan Wood Susan F. Wood, PhD

Dr. Wood is the former Assistant Commissioner for Women's Health at the Food and Drug Administration where she directed the FDA Office of Women's Health and served as the "champion for women's health inside and outside the agency", focusing on areas such as inclusion of women in clinical studies; regulatory research on topics such as cardiovascular disease and medications used during pregnancy; and in developing outreach campaigns for women regarding menopausal hormone therapy, safe medication use and diabetes.

In August 2005, Dr. Wood resigned on principle in response to the decision announced by FDA leadership to once again delay approval of Plan B emergency contraception, despite the recommendation of FDA scientific staff and advisory committees. Her principled stance against the politicization of science at the FDA catapulted her to 'superhero' status around the country.

Following her resignation, with support from the Open Society Institute, RHTP launched the Susan Wood: FDA Hero Speaking Tour. Dr. Wood traveled around the country for six months, from November 2005 to April 2006, sharing her story and voicing her frustration and growing concerns over the state of public health policy today. In her tour Dr. Wood visited thirty-four cities in twenty-one states and was featured in over 400 individual stories. Dr. Wood's nationwide outreach has been critical to the fight to restore the importance of science based decision-making and the health of women and their families.

For additional information about the Speaking Tour, email info@rhtp.org.

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