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12/15/11 The Sebelius Trifecta (Huffington Post)
12/8/11 "Dr." Sebelius's Bitter Pill: A Case of National Malpractice (RH Reality Check)
11/16/11 Memo to the Media: no link between birth control pills and prostate cancer (RH Reality Check)
11/15/11 New Front in the War on Women: Regulatory Accountability Act could effectively eliminate reproductive health coverage (RH Reality Check)
10/14/11 It's (not) the Economy, Stupid (Huffington Post)
8/7/11 Where's My SmartPill? (Huffington Post)
8/5/11 !Si, se puede!? For Latinas and Other Uninsured Women, Gaps, Remains in Access to Birth Control (RH Reality Check)
6/16/11 For Father's Day: Hidden Dangers at the Hardware Store (RH Reality Check)
3/22/11 A Chemical Blowout: Formaldehyde, Frizz and Infertility (RH Reality Check)
01/31/11 Chemicals in Pregnant Women??? (RH Reality Check)

Protect the Reproductive Health of Women in Our Military (Huffington Post)

11/22/10 When Politics Trump Science Women Lose (RH Reality Check)
11/18/10 Birth Control-Tainted "Ladypee" in Our Water: Myth or Menace? (RH Reality Check)

Assisted Reproductive Technologies blog: Let's Focus on One Healthy Baby at a Time (RH Reality Check)

8/10/10 Pushing the Boundaries for Women’s Health: Why Over-the-Counter Access for the Pill Makes Sense... Now (RH Reality Check)
7/20/10 Is Today’s Makeover Leading to Tomorrow’s Health Problem? The Toxins in Your Makeup (RH Reality Check)
7/07/10 The Unseen Spill: The Human and Reproductive Health Catastrophe of Toxic “Hot Spots” in the Gulf Region (RH Reality Check)
6/17/10 FDA Should Act Quickly to Approve New Emergency Contraceptive (RH Reality Check)
5/06/10 A Mother’s Day Wish for a Non-Toxic World (RH Reality Check)
5/10/10 The Pill at 50: Don't Stop Believin' (Huffington Post)
4/15/10 Toxic Chemicals: Neglected Threats to Our Health and Reproduction (RH Reality Check)
4/06/10 What Price the Human Egg? (RH Reality Check)

America’s Women: Still Waiting for the President to Restore Science to Its "Rightful Place" (RH Reality Check)

1/25/10 It's Cervical Health Awareness Month: Are You Protecting Yours? (RH Reality Check)
1/11/10 Toxic Beauty (Care 2)
12/22/09 Twas the Night Before the Reproductive Health Hearing (Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families)


What Health Reform Won't Heal: The Effect of Environmental Toxins on Sex and Reproduction (RH Reality Check)
7/28/09 Green Birth Control?? What About Green Hamburgers? (RH Reality Check)

More Sex as a Solution to Infertility? (The American Fertility Association Blog)

5/12/09 Preserving Ovaries, Preserving Health (RH Reality Check)
4/22/09 A Cleaner, Greener Planet (RH Reality Check)

Baby, It's Cold Outside! (Huffington Post)

1/23/09 What's So Funny About Abortion? (Huffington Post)
1/19/09 The Vatican's Misleading Birth Control Story (RH Reality Check)
1/07/09 Do It Yourself Medicine (Huffington Post)

Health Care Choices (Huffington Post)

12/02/08 Principled Choices (Huffington Post)
9/16/08 Male Birth Control: Seeds of Revolution? (RH Reality Check)
8/04/08 First IVF Baby Turns 30 (RH Reality Check)
5/16/07 Prenatal Tests Changing Abortion Debate? (RH Reality Check)
  Blog Posts Highlighting RHTP
12/1/10 Controversial 'ella' contraceptive now avaliable in U.S. for first time (The Checkup, Washington Post)
8/14/10 FDA Approves New Emergency Contraceptive (RH Reality Check)
6/17/10 FDA Committee Agrees ella is Safe and Effective (RH Reality Check)
7/15/09 Preventing Pregnancy 'One-Step' Easier: FDA Approves Simpler Plan B (The Human Condition, Newsweek.com)
6/29/09 Emergency Contraception for Everyone (Pregnant Pause: Getting Bloggy about Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy)


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