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Job Announcement: RHTP President & CEO

President & CEO of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project

Washington, D.C. 

The Reproductive Health Technologies Project (RHTP)  is seeking its next dynamic and innovative President and Chief Executive Officer.  Applications are being reviewed when received, and interviews will be scheduled with eligible candidates.

In 2012, the Reproductive Health Technologies Project celebrated 20 years of success in helping to build the political will necessary to drive innovation in reproductive health technologies so every woman has more choices when it comes to controlling her fertility. 

RHTP's mission is to advance the ability of every woman of any age to achieve full reproductive freedom with access to the safest, most effective, appropriate and acceptable technologies for ensuring her own health and controlling her fertility. To fulfill this mission, we  seek to build consensus in support of an education, research and advocacy agenda for reproductive health and reproductive freedom.

The RHTP President position calls for an extraordinary leader, with exceptional skills in oral and written communication, a commitment and passion for RHTP’s mission, and the ability to foster collaboration and build consensus across diverse groups.

RHTP seeks a leader able to comprehend the potential impacts of new technologies and the scientific research behind them, as well as their political and policy implications. RHTP’s President will lead staff in translating highly technical information into clear and compelling terms as part of an overall strategy for informing and coordinating a diverse group of advocates, service providers, elected officials and other stakeholders so that new technologies are introduced and made available to women.

The ideal new President will have experience in public policy advocacy, coalition building, strategic communications, management and fundraising and a proven track record of effective leadership and collaboration.

Organizational Background

RHTP builds coalitions that bridge science, policy, and diverse consumer interests to move policy change; conducts cutting edge opinion research that moves the needle of public awareness and attitudes; and translates science for practical clinical implications and breakthrough policy actions that improve care. RHTP is viewed as an honest broker of the science, able to translate and clarify complex research and processes such as the FDA testing and approval mechanisms, thus improving access and understanding for a wide range of organizations and advocates for women's reproductive freedom.

The President reports to RHTP's active and engaged 16 member Board of Directors, comprised of experts in the field, which provides thought leadership and works with staff to generate the political will to drive innovation in reproductive health.

Presently, RHTP has an annual budget of close to $1 million, a talented and enthusiastic five member staff based in Washington, DC, as well as several project consultants. The President will be responsible for broadening the organization’s visibility and influence, increasing and diversifying its revenues, enhancing its policy advocacy work and programs, and deepening its role as a principled coalition builder among scientists, policy makers, and reproductive health advocates and grassroots reproductive justice leaders across gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and class differences.

RHTP was founded in 1988 as a working group to provide public education and build public understanding about the French "abortion pill" RU 486 and other antiprogestins. In 1992, RHTP became an independent 501(c)3 organization.  RHTP work has advanced the ability of every woman to achieve full reproductive freedom with access to the safest, most effective, and preferred methods for controlling her fertility and protecting her health.

In 2010, Philanthropedia highlighted RHTP as a top ten high-impact nonprofit, saying:

“Part of Reproductive Health Technologies Project’s effectiveness is that it works particularly well in coalition, consistently putting accomplishing the task ahead of getting the credit.  Combined with their innovative thinking and willingness to take risks in approaching issues in new ways that may ruffle entrenched feathers, this characteristic helps them have far more impact than their size might suggest they would.”


Job Qualifications and Experience

For this pivotal role, RHTP seeks a visionary leader and spokesperson. This person should be deeply and demonstrably committed to the mission of guaranteeing the fundamental human right of all women and men to control their own health and fertility. She or he is an authentic, inclusive and democratic leader, yet unafraid to take calculated risks and make hard choices.  While no candidate will embody every quality, the successful candidate will bring many of the following professional qualifications and personal attributes:

  • A track record of senior leadership in a mission-driven organization. Experience managing institutional growth and change. Skills in talent management, team building, mentoring and developing staff leadership.
  • Excellent intellectual, analytical and strategic abilities; able to identify political will and strategic opportunity. Capacity to take big ideas and ideals and to convert them into solid strategies and action while contributing to public discourse.
  • Public presence and media savvy in the interest of furthering the RHTP brand and goals. Outstanding written and oral communication skills. Effective communication skills among wide audiences with the ability to frame problems and convey complex ideas in easily understood terms that resonate with diverse constituencies and stakeholders.
  • Ability to oversee and implement a vibrant communications strategy and to be responsive to media and social networking shifts and opportunities while simultaneously maintaining the priorities and goals of the strategic plan.
  • A network of contacts with foundation funders, individual donor prospects, organizations and activists working at all levels, from the grassroots to national level. Demonstrated experience building effective partnerships.  A reputation as a principled strategic collaborator with keen listening skills and the ability to bridge philosophies.
  • Fundraising ability, experience and enthusiasm. Demonstrated track record of raising significant funds from a variety of sources and a willingness to actively build and sustain strong relationships with existing and prospective board members, funders, individual donors and other stakeholders.
  • A commitment to developing culturally responsive solutions addressing the reproductive health needs of women and men of all backgrounds and economic situations.
  • Willingness to travel extensively in order to represent RHTP.

For More Information or To Apply:

 Strategies for Social Change® LLC, a capacity building firm dedicated to working with social justice organizations, is conducting the search. Nominations, inquiries and application materials should be submitted in confidence to RHTPsearch@strategiesforsocialchange.com.

Applications should be submitted electronically. Please include a résumé, three references and a cover letter that addresses: 1) Why you are interested in working with RHTP, 2) What you believe you would bring to the position of President & CEO; and 3) How your past accomplishments are relevant to this position.

All inquiries and applications will be kept confidential. There is a rolling deadline for this position. Applications will be reviewed, and eligible candidates will be contacted about interviews.

RHTP is committed to diversity in its leadership and staff and actively seeks a diverse pool of candidates. For more information about RHTP, please visit www.rhtp.org.


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