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Taking Action on the Link Between Reproductive & Environmental Health

First things first, did you know that toxic chemicals in your everyday environments - your dorm, your bathroom, your kitchen - are harming your reproductive health?

Mounting scientific evidence tells us that the chemicals in many of our everyday products are causing some pretty scary reproductive health problems for men and women, such as infertility, miscarriage, low-sperm count, sexual dysfunction and even some reproductive cancers.

While this might be shocking to hear, the good news is there are some solutions. Reproductive Health Technologies Project is pleased to introduce our newest and coolest campaign yet: TOXIC ZOMBIE: Wake up to the threat of toxic chemicals in everyday products. The Toxic Zombie campaign is an easy way to help spread the word and inspire you (and your friends!) to take action on toxic chemicals in your everyday products.

Toxic Zombie Toolkit:
Print the entire Toxic Zombie toolkit!

Toxic Zombie Campaign-at-a-Glance: Why you should get hitched with the Toxic Zombie campaign...ASAP!

But that's not it! Want some buttons to go along with your toolkit? Contact Sara Alcid at salcid@rhtp.org to get your hook up!




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